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Wendy & Zach


Wendy and Zach's Glacier Park wedding and adventure session were absolutely breathtaking!  Glacier Park in summer is an outrageously magical place - hills of lushy emerald green, blue mountains majesty and rainbow sunsets that last forever. How lucky are we to be wedding photographers in such a wonderland! Wendy and Zach planned their entire Montana wedding from Switzerland and Seattle and it was BEAUTIFUL. We laughed all day from the moment a deer chilled with Wendy as she did her makeup outside in the morning to the hilarious sparkler exit that night near twilight. A few days after their wedding we went into Glacier Park for their sunset adventure session. Wendy's veil tried to kill her (and poor Sarah) on the bramble an absurd amount of times, but that sassy woman was a wildcat in those mountains, hiking up her dress to climb and run, running shorts and sneakers hidden under piles of tulle and lace.  And run we did, all the way down to St. Mary's Lake at sunset, trying not to be eaten by bears in the dark. The road construction along Going to The Sun Road delayed our departure for HOURS. Have you ever been to Glacier at night? It's darker than dark, and brilliantly star spangled. One of our favorite experiences from that season was us sitting there, cliffside, in the utter blackness, eating endless snacks, telling jokes and getting a little punchy as we waited to escape the Park. That kind of stuff bonds people together for life and we will love Zach and Wendy always!  

Wedding + Wedding Adventure Locations:

Glacier National Park, Montana

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I would rather be in the mountains thinking about God than in church thinking about the mountains. ~ John Muir